Scott Injection
Now available after 30 years with Electronic Fuel Injection
All New Castings and Scoops!

RoadRunners - Stockton, California - (510) 599-2658
For more information send request to [email protected]

MadMax Parts
You can't pretend to be Mad Max without a Pursuit Special!

Hilborn Fuel Injection
To Be the Best...You Need the Best!

Olander Artistic Machine
When your hotrod deserves a better part,
choose custom machined art.

Nor-Cal Stripping
We Take It All Off!
All New Castings and Scoops!

Old Photos

Scott Super Scoop in Action!

System Price: $6,995


  • Scott Super Slot with Scoop
  • TPS Unit
  • Injectors (sized for your engine)
  • ECU - Featuring the new Holley HP computer
  • Fuel Pump, Filter and Regulator
  • Wiring Harness
  • FREE online technical assistance


  • 1/2 Deposit upon Order
  • 1/2 upon Shipment (plus freight charges)
  • 3-4 Week Build Time
  • Visa/MasterCard/PayPal Accepted!

Order yours today!

Fun Historical Documents and Photos


Ad for Fuel Injection System

Ad for Fuel Injection System

GMC Blower Injector Ad

Speed Record Ad

1963 NHRA Nationals Ad

Early Press Release


"Flying Wing" Article

"Scott Injector Hats" Article (Part 1)

"Scott Injector Hats" Article (Part 2)

"Scott Injector Hats" Article (Part 3)

Miscellaneous Documents

Original Installation Instructions



Dealer for Holley, Hilborn, Enderle and The Blower Shop. Stay tuned for product information...

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